Still only two

For most people, I imagine, the high point of the week is the publication by the Revenue Commissioners of the updated list of those holding Marked Fuel Trader’s Licences [.xls rather than .xlsx this week]. Alas, although the list is now up to 178 pages, there are still (as far as I can see) only two licensed traders along the Shannon. None south of Killinure and no more IBRA members, unless my eyes deceive me.

3 responses to “Still only two

  1. I know I am an accountant, but really, some people need to get a life ;) – present company excepted!

  2. Clearly, the boating community will be extremely concerned about the shortage of legal suppliers of cheap diesel. I can envisage many boaters giving up boating because they have no nearby legal supplier (and, of course, would not dream of filling from cans and risking spills or getting tankers to fill them at even greater risk). Their concern will, I expect, match that for speedy payment of the Mineral Oil Tax. bjg

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