The Ulster Orangeway

I am happy to say that the ineffable Professor Billy McWilliams [Visitin’ Lekturer at the Ulster Scots School o’ Dancin’, Ballymena] has provided the answer to one of WI’s problems. I have pointed out that a walking route along the Clones Sheugh would be much cheaper than a restored canal; Professor McWilliams has shown how to make such a route more attractive to members of the Ulster-Scots Community. WI could adopt his idea from Comber and declare the route to be the Ulster Orangeway.

2 responses to “The Ulster Orangeway

  1. I’m sure we could tie that late 19th/early 20th century folly proposal – the Ulster and Connaught Light Railway (which proposed to build a narrow gauge railway from Greenore in Louth to Clifden in Galway) – into the plan. The Ulster Orangeway could run from Wattlebridge to Charlemont and hence to Comber via Keady in Co. Armagh – through the tunnel ( under the closed railway from Castleblayney to Armagh which was built to accommodate the UCLR.

  2. Splendid! I am delighted to learn about the tunnel (and indeed the UCLR). bjg

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