Drones or helicopter gunships?

Carál Ní Chuilín [SF], NI’s waterways minister, said the other day:

Waterways Ireland’s inspectorate is responsible for enforcing the Lough Erne by-laws, which include speeding. Jet skis and boats are asked to carry registration numbers, which are issued by Waterways Ireland. I know, because a report was given, that any complaints are very robustly followed up. I also acknowledge that, since the Lough Erne by-laws were introduced in 1978, the numbers of vessels and the popularity of Lough Erne have grown. I also know that Waterways Ireland is planning to amend the Lough Erne by-laws, and these changes include proposals to create no-wash areas and minimise the risk of high-speed collisions, particularly with some of the larger seagoing vessels.

I didn’t know there were seagoing vessels on the Erne, but apart from that the revised bye-laws sound like good news, especially with no-wash areas, and I presume that they will be introduced on the Shannon too.

The only question to be resolved is whether Waterways Ireland would be better using helicopter gunships or missile-carrying drones to enforce the zones.

2 responses to “Drones or helicopter gunships?

  1. Good news if they bother to enforce the zones. Hopefully they will be intelligent about where the zones are. WI NI have a better track record enforcing bye laws than WI ROI do on the Shannon. This seems due to resourcing. You regularly see WI wardens patrolling the Erne, rarely on the Shannon because WI ROI don’t seem to have enough water based patrol personel.

    The IRCG seem the only body attempting to moderate poor boat behaviour on the Water on southern Lough Derg. (Eg talking to folk not wearing PFDs, creating wake or excessive speed near moorings, etc).

  2. I note as well that the WI RIB, formerly kept in the shed at Dromineer, had [last time I looked] been replaced by a supply of timber.


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