In my youth, I tried angling once or twice, but with no success: the only time I ever caught fish was with mackerel feathers. So, despite having read Isaak Walton (several times), angling doesn’t really interest me. But it’s hard to read this without accepting that Something Must Be Done, whatever it is. Note, in particular, Dudley Mallett’s comment.

3 responses to “Salmon

  1. The article linked to struck me as a rant without solutions and I was particularly bemused by the following point thereon:

    “They should ask themselves if they are currently taking any money from the ESB (are they?) and is this in any way compromising their regulatory role?”

    Rather than ranting on a website (unless the OP knows the answer and is dealing in innuendo), put the question directly to Inland Fisheries Ireland.

    Overall I’m at a loss as to why the taxpayer should pay for their minority interest hobby.

  2. Am I right in thinking that the Irish state PAYS it’s public servants for this level of farcical mismanagement?!

  3. What’s the problem? It pays teachers, doctors, policepersons … all sorts of folk who are not judged by results. When the revolution comes, they’ll all be up against the wall …. bjg

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