The abandonment of the Cong Canal

I am speaking tomorrow, 23 August 2014, at Lough Mask School House’s Heritage Day about the history of the Cong Canal.

Apart from an overview of the initial proposal, the construction and the current state of the canal, I intend to present what I think is an entirely new explanation for its abandonment before completion. At least, it’s an explanation that I have not seen published elsewhere.

3 responses to “The abandonment of the Cong Canal

  1. Sounds very interesting, unfortunately I wont be able to make it. Your not giving away much as to what the explanation might be!

  2. I might write it up later, but Lough Mask gets the first helping. bjg

  3. Lough Mask Heritage Group

    We are looking forward to your talk in Lough Mask tomorrow Brian. The talk is taking place in Lough Mask School House. Please see for details and directions.

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