Canoe camping

Messrs Pesda Press have a new book on Canoe Camping. I haven’t read it, but Pesda produced the excellent Oileáin, David Walsh’s superb guide to 570 Irish offshore islands, many of them most easily accessible by kayak. With more emphasis on the development of blueways and canoe trails in Ireland, Tim Gent’s book on canoe camping might be of interest to canoeists and kayakers and to those providing facilities and services for them.


2 responses to “Canoe camping

  1. After seeing this post on this brilliant blog, I immediately added Canoe camping to my letter to Santy.

    The book is excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone who has an interest in camping along the waterways. Even if you think you know it all!

    Ben Ronayne
    Chairman, Killaloe paddlers and avid canoeist and camper on Lough Derg.

  2. Thanks, Ben (and Happy new Year to all).

    By the way, speaking of things for canoeists: we got a Cobb barbecue last year; I gather some people use them when canoeing. It’s a great little device (and can also be used for smoking garlic, or anything else you fancy).

    This is not a sponsored announcement.


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