Royal water

An interesting piece of information from Waterways Ireland’s feasibility study on the restoration of the Longford Branch of the Royal Canal. We learn on page 44 that the Royal Canal needs, on average, 10 million gallons of water per day to cope with “lockages, leakage, seepage and evaporation” and that the current supply arrangements, with much pumping, are costing €300,000 a year.


2 responses to “Royal water

  1. €300k might be a bargain. If they were paying Westmeath Co Co for treated water then 10m gals per day would cost about €14m!

  2. It’s still a fairly high cost per boat-mile, though. According to WI’s accounts for 2012, the total programme costs [roughly everything other than staff, overheads and depreciation] for the whole of the Erne and Lower Bann in that year were €331,000. So the pumping cost alone for the Royal almost matched the total programme cost of the Erne and Lower Bann. Total programme costs for the Royal in that year were €1,940,000 and for the Grand €2,414,000; the Shannon cost €1,540,000, the Barrow €766,000 and the Shannon–Erne €545,000. The canals and Barrow offer very poor value for the taxpayers’ money. bjg

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