Smell of coffee …

wafts over Clones.

I still have no idea why Sinn Féin thinks the Clones Sheugh would cause any significant increase in tourism, or any other economic benefit.

4 responses to “Smell of coffee …

  1. This election can’t come soon enough. I hope the new Government administer the Last Rites to the Clones Sheugh but would be happy to see the Ulster Canal Greenway in its place.

  2. Well I think it’s fairly easy to see why a canal would attract more tourists than 50 miles of farmer’s fields with currently no public right of way, personally, but hey ho. :)

  3. From Restoring the Ulster Canal from Lough Erne to Clones: updated business case February 2015, allegedly written by the Department of Fairytales:

    As described the economic benefits are based on the expenditure by those likely to participate in boating, angling, cycling and walking activities in the area after allowing for displacement. Those engaged in walking activities, estimated at between 50,000 and 100,000 per year, account for over 90% of the quantified benefits.

    In purely quantifiable monetary terms, it is clear from these estimates that the project has a very significant capital cost of circa €46m and that the quantified annual net economic benefits are at most €323.5k per annum. The latter thus covers the annual revenue costs of €308.8k per annum only. Applying any cost benefit analysis, whether payback period or net present cost, will result in a large negative for the project.

    And that’s from people said to favour the scheme.


  4. The important bit in your comment is that walkers constitute over 90% of the benefits. Creation of a greenway should not cost EUR46m (minimum – with the Celtic Tiger kicking off again – construction costs are likely to rise).

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