Shannon lake levels

According to the Shannon Catchment-based Flood Risk Assessment and Management (CFRAM) Study Technical Assessment: River Shannon Level Operation Review [PDF: Office of Public Works v2_0 July 2012]

ESB collects and maintains records of rainfall, river and lake levels and flow data. Even though ESB has no responsibility to supply flood warnings under their regulations, it issues twice weekly lake level forecasts to all the relevant stakeholders since 2010.

Those stakeholders include Waterways Ireland.

As the levels of the lakes are of great interest to boat-owners and others, it would be really nice if either the ESB or Waterways Ireland were to publish those forecasts. WI wouldn’t need any elaborate new system: they could send them around as marine notices, and the cost would be minimal.

But perhaps the forecasts are already published somewhere? If, Gentle Reader, you know where they are, do please leave a Comment [preferably with a link] below.

2 responses to “Shannon lake levels

  1. I was on a guided tour of Ardnacrusha power station some years ago and went on a boat trip on Lough Derg also.Our guide pointed out the place near the southern tip of the lake where Brian Boru and other raiders used to drive rustled cattle across the Shannon and into County Clare after big cattle raids. It was also pointed out that this could not now happen because the water depth has increased significantly since Ardnacrusha was built.

  2. I think the significant point is that the variability of the depth has been reduced. In the nineteenth century, the water level at Killaloe increased by eleven feet between summer and winter. Furthermore, as Sean Kierse wrote in The Killaloe Anthology [Boru Books 2001],

    There are well-authenticated instances of the waters of the Shannon at Killaloe being held back by southerly gales, resulting in the drying up of the riverbed.

    He cites instances from 1698, 1726, 1852 and 1864.


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