Boris the Shinner

I have suspected for some time that Britain’s Brexiteers are actually Sinn Féiners.

After 1916 the Irish Shinners decided to leave a larger economic and political entity and to do so without any business plan or any realistic idea of how their proposed state would make a living.

After 2016 the British Shinners decided to leave a larger economic and political entity and to do so without any business plan or any realistic idea of how their proposed state would make a living.

One lot of Irish Shinners, led by the lunatic Éamon de Valera, wanted a hard Irexit and started shooting the soft Irexiteers who, happily, managed to keep control; it is to be hoped that matters don’t go that far in Britain.

It may be objected that the evidence for this contention, that Brexiteers are Shinners, is a little light, but I have now found confirmation: Boris Johnson is an enthusiast for insane canal construction projects.

The mark of the Shinner is upon him.

7 responses to “Boris the Shinner

  1. come on – it’s not *that* unsane – here in SE England we have drought and hose-pipe bans every summer. This was all meant to have been fixed by a quarter of a century of privatisation as this would ‘provide investment’ … but hasn’t been.
    Wales and the north are dripping with water, and there were many suggestions during the 20th century for some kind of ‘national grid of water’, but nobody ever wanted to pay for them.
    Admittedly, a less silly way to transport the water might be in pipes rather than canals that loose about half their water to leaks and evaporation, but hey ;)

  2. Boogie on down to your local Lidl: veritable gallons of water have been transported there for your purchasing pleasure.


  3. not sure you really appreciate the practicalities of ‘boogieing’ with gallons of water on the Clapham Omnibus, or even the Northern Line…

  4. Uber.

    Your shopping trip to Lidl might be characterised as Deutschland, Uber, always.


  5. Not if TfL have their way ;)

  6. Oh dear – I’m not so sure about the analogy with Sinn Fein, but I hadn’t spotted that BoJo is endorsing the ideas of the late J F Pownall for a Grand Contour Canal. I’ve seen some of Pownall’s letters, and they do indicate that he should have focused on fruitcake production.

    There is a case for some modest use of historic and even new waterways to facilitate more sustainable uses of water resources, but the applications do not imply a national water grid.

  7. It was proposed at one [recent] stage that the Royal Canal be used to supply water to Dublin [which, of course, it did in bygone days]; that would also have overcome the canal’s problem of an inadequate reliable supply for navigation. It was explained to me that the water would have to flow at a rate that would cause the banks [of the canal: the other lot managed their own ruin] to collapse. bjg

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