Royal Canal dry dock

Aidan Herdman has left a comment on my page about the Broadstone Line of the Grand Canal and has included in it a link to a photograph of Phibsborough cubs/scouts standing at the Royal Canal dry dock. I can’t recall ever seeing such a photo before. It’s an impressive structure and I’m grateful to Aidan for the link.

4 responses to “Royal Canal dry dock

  1. Looking at the 25″ OS map online, there are three dry docks marked in the Phibsborough area, the first in the apex of the mainline and branch and another two side by side further down the branch. Is the photo one of the two roughly half way between the junction and the site of Blacquiere Bridge?

  2. That’s what I reckon; Google maps was able to find the hall, which is still there on Royal Canal Bank, behind the library. bjg

  3. Michael Geraghty

    Hi Brian

    Any idea where that dry dock was and where the photo was taken from I work in the area and would love to photograph from the same area to compare the differences today.

  4. It’s behind the library. The OSI has changed its system and I can’t give you a link to the location, but if you go to, select the Historic Mapo 25 inch from Data Catalogue and search for “Villa Bank”, Dublin 7, you’ll get there. Then you can overlay Geohive Map (modern map). The Panama Scout Hall is marked.

    I was there one day and slightly worried about taking photos of Mountjoy in case I was thought to be up to no good.


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