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Grand Canal Passage Boats

The Court of Directors will receive Proposals for drawing Two Small Light Passage Boats daily on the stages between

Ballycommon and Kilbeggan

for the terms, and at the Rates of Travelling which, with all other particulars, will be fully explained on reference to A Bagot Esq, Inspector of Passage Boats, Portobello.

Sealed Proposals, according to forms to be furnished by the Inspector, to be delivered at the Secretary’s Office, on or before the 30th instant.

By Order, John M’Mullen, Sec, Grand Canal House, William-street,
9th January 1841

Dublin Evening Post 12 January 1841

Man at work

Odlum’s Bridge, Kilbeggan Branch of the Grand Canal, 19 February 2011

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I should point out that I am unable to change the speed of transitions on the slide show, which considerably underrepresents the speed of the slashing. Even clicking the forward arrow as fast as possible doesn’t do it justice.