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The last round-up

A press release from Waterways Ireland says:

Since November 2012 Waterways Ireland has offered Boaters on the Grand Canal, Barrow Navigation and Royal Canal a new Extended Mooring Permit which enables the boat to remain in a single location for more than five days. Extended Mooring Locations have been offered at two week intervals until the 4th March when the final 2013 locations will open. In total, 68 Extended Mooring Locations will have been offered across urban and rural locations on the three waterways. Each location has multiple moorings available; more than ample space for every boat currently on the system should all wish to apply. More locations are being prepared should demand increase.

Applications for the last set of locations begin on March 4th 2013. On the Barrow extended mooring locations will open at Moneybeg, Co Carlow and Lowtown, Co Kildare and on the Grand Canal at Derrymullen, Ticknevin and Allenwood Middle also in Co Kildare.

There follows the usual material about enforcement, which can be read here.

Be very afraid ….

Just in from Waterways Ireland.

Waterways Ireland to Begin Enforcement of Mooring Bye-laws on Grand & Royal Canal and Barrow Navigation

Waterways Ireland will begin enforcement of the mooring Bye-Laws on the Barrow Navigation, Grand Canal and Royal Canal on the 19th March 2013. A Marine Notice will be issued on the 19th March to this effect.

The enforcement process will begin with non-permitted, sunken and abandoned boats already on the system. The first step in the process is notification. Continued non-compliance with the Bye-laws may result in the craft being removed from the navigation and stored at the owners cost.

A one year permit for passage and 5 day mooring costs €126. A year-long mooring permit for a single location costs €152. For boats already on the canal system, both permits must be applied for in advance of the 19th March 2013 and be on display on the boat by the 31st March 2013.

New boats visiting the Grand Canal, Royal Canal or Barrow Navigation for longer than 1 month may apply for the CMP in advance of arrival on the system and must apply for the Extended Mooring Permit as soon as they plan to remain for longer than five days in a single location.

The application process is simple using a form that can be downloaded from www.waterwaysireland.org or sent out by post from Waterways Ireland Tullamore (Tel no 057 9352300).

Waterways Ireland has extended the number of Authorised Officers, who under the Bye-laws have the authority to undertake enforcement.

More information is available from Shane Anderson, Assistant Inspector of Navigation: Tel no +353 (0)87 286 5726, Email shane.anderson@waterwaysireland.org .