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Mullingar dry dock(s)

The Ordnance Survey map of around 1840 shows a dry dock at Mullingar:

Mullingar dry dock ~1840

So does the map of around 1900:

Mullingar dry dock ~1900

The photo below was taken into the sun, alas. The entrance to the dry dock is towards the top of the entrance. So why are there curved stones closer to the camera? Was there once a second dry dock? Or was a second dock planned without ever beinf constructed? Or was the dock moved from one site to the other?



The Ruth Delany and Peter Clarke histories say nothing about this. If you can shed light on the matter, please leave a Comment below.

Royal water

The summit level of the Royal Canal has been closed until further notice because of shortage of water and the 34th and 35th levels have been closed until 20 April for emergency repairs. Marine Notices here, along with a general waarning about low water levels.

Met Éireann’s Monthly Summary for March 2012 [PDF] says:

Rainfall totals were relatively low for the time of year, with percentage of normal values below 50% in most locations. Mullingar [which is on the summit level of the Royal Canal] reported its driest March since 1961 (51 years), while most other stations reported their driest March in at least 7 years. Number of wet days recorded (days with 1 mm or more) was below average everywhere, with most stations measuring their lowest March maximum daily rainfall in seven to 39 years.

Can we have our normal weather back please? Or will that be coming in the “summer” months?

Dry docks

I’m starting a new section on Irish inland waterways dry docks. The thing is, I have photos of very few of them, and even my list of docks is almost certainly incomplete. So this page has photos of a few of the docks, but I’m hoping readers will be able to help with lots more.