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Limerick Dock Yard

On 9 May 2012 the Irish Times carried a large ad offering for sale a “landmark site situated in a prestigious location on the North Circular Road/O’Callaghan’s Strand” in Limerick. The site is being sold by DTZ Sherry Fitzgerald but I can’t find it listed on their website; nor can I find, on the Irish Times website, the article “Toffee factory to test sticky Limerick market” that, coincidentally, appeared on the page after the ad.

However, the Limerick Post has a brief history of the site, which is shown on the OSI map of ~1900.

The Condensed Milk Manufactory ~1900

The waterways interest is actually in the dockyard, with its dock and slip, on the river just south of the manufactory. The yard also appears on the ~1840 map.

The dockyard ~1840

You can see the site on this Google photo …

… but the dockyard is gone.