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Limerick Dock Yard

On 9 May 2012 the Irish Times carried a large ad offering for sale a “landmark site situated in a prestigious location on the North Circular Road/O’Callaghan’s Strand” in Limerick. The site is being sold by DTZ Sherry Fitzgerald but I can’t find it listed on their website; nor can I find, on the Irish Times website, the article “Toffee factory to test sticky Limerick market” that, coincidentally, appeared on the page after the ad.

However, the Limerick Post has a brief history of the site, which is shown on the OSI map of ~1900.

The Condensed Milk Manufactory ~1900

The waterways interest is actually in the dockyard, with its dock and slip, on the river just south of the manufactory. The yard also appears on the ~1840 map.

The dockyard ~1840

You can see the site on this Google photo …

… but the dockyard is gone.




The Shannonbridge chimneys

The chimneys of the power station at Shannonbridge, on the river Shannon between Lough Ree to the north and Lough Derg to the south, have for many years been a landmark: visible from a long way away in both directions on the Shannon and on its tributary the Suck as well. They were demolished last week. I have put up a page of photographs as a reminder of what they looked like and to mark their passing.