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A new concept in electricity transmission

Lower pylons 2_resize

We read on the Clare FM website:

The Government says it is not realistic or financially feasible to run new electricity pylons underground.

Well, yes, I’d imagine there’s something in that. Although I don’t quite see why anyone would want underground pylons. I knew some folk wanted underground electric cables, but hadn’t realised they wanted the pylons buried too.

Personally, I’m all in favour of pylons: I like them, and would like to see more of them. I don’t understand why a row of nice pylons should be thought to make scenery less, er, scenic. It might make scenery less like a pre-industrial idea of scenery, but that’s a good thing; big it up for Stephen Spender.

And think of the industrial heritage value in the future: as well as old canals and railways, folk will come to photograph pylons; indeed some people already do so.