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A new concept in electricity transmission

Lower pylons 2_resize

We read on the Clare FM website:

The Government says it is not realistic or financially feasible to run new electricity pylons underground.

Well, yes, I’d imagine there’s something in that. Although I don’t quite see why anyone would want underground pylons. I knew some folk wanted underground electric cables, but hadn’t realised they wanted the pylons buried too.

Personally, I’m all in favour of pylons: I like them, and would like to see more of them. I don’t understand why a row of nice pylons should be thought to make scenery less, er, scenic. It might make scenery less like a pre-industrial idea of scenery, but that’s a good thing; big it up for Stephen Spender.

And think of the industrial heritage value in the future: as well as old canals and railways, folk will come to photograph pylons; indeed some people already do so.


Mad foreigners

The August 2013 issue of Practical Boat Owner has just arrived. It has an article by Dick Everitt called “Mind your head …” in which he talks of dangers to boats from above rather than below: dangers from bridges and from electric power lines. He points out that electricity can jump to a metal mast and says:

So a safe clearance distance is given on the chart with a lightning-type symbol and in some countries a big warning sign is positioned nearby too. But do check local Notices to Mariners as long power cables can sag over time, reducing their official charted clearances.

Aren’t foreigners funny? Imagine having electricity suppliers actually telling boaters about the safe clearance under power cables! That would never happen here ….

I have spent several years trying to get ESB to tell me the safe clearances for cables across the Shannon. I thought I was getting somewhere at one stage but nothing happened. Perhaps ESB would prefer boaters to fry than risk getting sued for getting the clearance wrong.