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A new activity

Trainspotters have it easy: even if they run out of engines to record, they can fall back on writing down the numbers of carriages.

There is less scope on the waterways, with relatively few working boats. However, Waterways Ireland seems to have a sizeable fleet of land vehicles, so we could record all of them … and, in the process, find out how many land vehicles WI actually operates.

I’ve started here with some pics of vehicles on the Shannon–Erne Waterway, but I’d like your help. If you spot a WI vehicle, photograph it and send the pic to me (reduced to less than 300 KB) with a note of when and where you saw the vehicle and, if possible, information on what it was doing. I’d also like you to give me permission to use the photo on the vehicles web page (but you will still own the copyright).

Just think, we could be just like those interesting chaps who photograph Eddie Stobart trucks ….

Transports of delight

While this site is about waterways transport, a railway or two has sneaked in, and so it may be permissible to mention road transport too. The transport museum at Howth is looking after as aspect of our heritage that the National Museum has ignored: the preservation of old road vehicles. Its collection includes commercial, passenger, military, utility and fire & emergency vehicles, and the museum needs (and deserves) support.