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John McKeown

There is a short interview here with John McKeown of WI about implementation of EU legislation on Irish waterways.

The Suir

South Tipperary County Council participated in the EU Waterways Forward project, with a focus on the River Suir. Here is a brief report on the Suir River Café project.

The other Irish participant was Waterways Ireland, whose project (PDF) was about the implementation of the Water Framework Directive on canals.

Waterways Forward

Read about the EU’s Waterways Forward project here and download PDFs showing what the Irish participants Waterways Ireland and South Tipperary County Council got out of the project. WI’s project was on the implementation of the Water Framework Directive on the Royal and Grand Canals; South Tipperary County Council’s was about generating a shared vision for the Suir through the River Café project.

Some folk may recognise the canal boat on the WI document. That fella gets in everywhere.