The far end of the Shannon

Apologies to folk who have left Comments or otherwise communicated in recent weeks: I’ve been away, most recently at the far end of the Shannon and at Greenwich. I am now beginning to tackle my correspondence.

De Wadden

De Wadden formerly traded to the (Munster) Blackwater and is now displayed in a dry dock at Liverpool. I knew she was there, but I hadn’t known that the Kathleen & May, now on sale, was there too.

Kathleen & May

In Greenwich, I saw a bust of George Biddell Airy, late Astronomer Royal, whose work on the tides of the Shannon Estuary is of such great interest.

George Biddell Airy


2 responses to “The far end of the Shannon

  1. sir – are you related to the wyes of The Wye Oak fame in Maryland. I knew a Mason Wye of Malden, Massachusettes. His ancestors were among the woolens mills folks who settled along the eastern seaboard.

  2. No: I’m not a Wye and I don’t know anybody of that name. Sorry about that. bjg

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