The Box in the Docks

From the website of the Dublin City Business Association:

Dublin City Business Association commissioned Jerome Casey and Felim O’Rourke to undertake a study of tourism in Dublin and to make least-cost recommendations for its rejuvenation. The World Tourism Organisation concluded (in relation to Ireland) that “there appears to be very little correlation between marketing spending by National Tourism Organisations and international arrivals”.

Within Ireland, there is a mismatch between the Irish tourism market and the public resources devoted to it.

33 existing tourist attractions in Dublin were reviewed, and low-cost initiatives suggested for their improvement.

From 2000 – 2010 Ireland’s share of world tourism visitors has fallen sharply. In 2004, Ireland changed from being a destination country for incoming tourists to an origin country for Irish, outgoing tourists.

Dublin must move from passive approval of tourist activities to an active development of tourism as a priority industry in regenerating the city’s economy.

As my piece on the Park Canal in Limerick shows, I’m all in favour of low-cost improvements, so I downloaded the full report (PDF: 949.7 kb). Folk interested in waterways might like to proceed directly to page 46, which reviews the Box in the Docks, the Waterways Ireland visitor centre in the Grand Canal Basin at Ringsend.

Some other water-based attractions get much better reviews.





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