Hunting Newbury

In his A Tour in Ireland with Meditations and Reflections [S Highley, London 1844], James Johnson MD describes a flyboat trip on the Grand Canal from Dublin. He says:

At Newbury, a station near Edenderry, I debarked, and spent two or three days at the hospitable mansion of Newbury Hall, with my excellent friend Mr Wolstenholme and family, where I also met my amiable friend, Mrs Evans, of Portrane.

I have been trying to find Newbury. So far, the most likely candidate seems to be Newberry Hall, in Carbury, Co Kildare; the spelling Newberry is given on the ~1840 [Historic 6″] OSI map whereas the ~1900 [Historic 25″] map gives Newbury.

The Hall is indeed fairly close to Edenderry, but if Johnson got off the boat in Edenderry I’d have expected him to refer to it as Edenderry harbour. Looking at the OSI map (link above), the only other sensible point of debarkation would (I think) have been at Ticknevin Bridge, from which there was a road towards Newbury, but I have no evidence that it was Newbury station.

I would welcome enlightenment.

6 responses to “Hunting Newbury

  1. Brian,

    This is an interesting link relating to Newbury

    Click to access NEWBURY%20ROAD%20WIDENING%20AHIA.pdf

    I believe Edenderry would be probably the closest “port” to Newbury or certainly eqi distant to Ticnevin. If you are coming from Broadford to Carbury, youcan see Newbury directly ahead when you reach the T junction.



  2. Thanks, Garrett. That’s very interesting, and I see that Mr Wolstenholme is mentioned.
    I’ve had a look at the Dublin Almanac for 1845; it lists both Ticknevin and Edenderry as places where the fly-boats stopped (with no stop in between). That’s not much help in deciding which of them was Newbury station, although it does at least rule out other possibilities.

  3. i think that ticknevin would have been the station.if you go north on the western road leaving ticknevin it would be about two miles.

  4. it was called newbury hall on newbury demense.

  5. there was a station on the back road behind the Castle as you are heading for Highfield the station house is on the right hand side as you are heading for Highfield. People by the name of Morarity own the house.

  6. Thank you. bjg

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