Eeyore’s Gloomy Place

Here is an article, perhaps by Philip Dixon Hardy himself, from his Dublin Penny Journal of 1835. It is about the Bog of Allen, and the turfcutters living thereon, seen from the Grand Canal in 1835.

He visited a turfcutter’s hovel in the bog while stopped at a double lock about twenty miles from Dublin. What lock could that have been?

Note that Kildare is not among the counties mentioned in the article.

6 responses to “Eeyore’s Gloomy Place

  1. if the canal ran through it i would say its the bog of moods just east of robertstown if not possibly around the old bord na mona lifting bridge near allen wood or below the lock in ticknevin.the bog of moods is closest to dublin.

  2. Thanks, Paul. But there’s no double lock anywhere around. I had a quick look in the old Guide and couldn’t see that any existing lock had been converted from a double. bjg

  3. Possibly between 16 and 17, or 17 and 18, where he could walk from on to the other in the time it took his barge to negotiate both?

  4. Of course we don’t know where he’s counting his distances from. Portobello? Twenty miles from there would take him to 16 and 17. Looking at the ~1840 OSI, though, there’s no sign of a proper double lock and no sign of bog either.

    I wondered whether he was using Irish miles, but I think they had been abolished by then.


  5. one of my posts did not come up last night but i reckon he may be refering to ticknevins 20th lock but made a mistake about them being double because of the side chambers.

  6. I think the post you’re referring to is on the article page rather than here. bjg

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