Disband Clare County Council

In order to save some money, it might be a good idea to disband Clare County Council. Then we wouldn’t have county councillors proposing idiotic projects (joined in this instance by some TDs) requiring vast capital expenditure (which we can’t afford) to produce zero jobs.

More about Ardnacrusha here.

8 responses to “Disband Clare County Council

  1. Did I read that correctly? There is a power plant in Sweden with 5 times the capacity of Ardnacrusha staffed by only 4 staffers compared to 40 to 50 in Ardnacrusha plus the actual control staff sitting up in Wicklow at Turlough Hill?

  2. My understanding (though I have no citeable sources) is that nobody is employed to generate electricity at Ardnacrusha: it is turned on and off from Turlough Hill. There are, I think, maintenance staff on site, and some who may be employed on the distribution side of things, but generation itself does not, as far as I know, require any jobs. bjg

  3. Control from Turlough Hill is my understanding also (from our shared acquantaince in ESB/IHAI). It could also be the case that maintenance in Sweden is done from a central location with staff travelling to the plant or (careful now – the horses might be frightened) maintenance could be outsourced!

  4. I’d like some hard info on who works on what. There is a group based in Killaloe involved in checking and maintaining the embankemnts and drains and so on (which is reassuring, as a breach would have dreadful consequences). But neither increasing Ardnacrusha’s output (if it were possible) nor adding more pumped storage would increase the number of jobs other than during construction, and that would certainly be contracted out. I note, though, the absence of evidence that (a) a cost-benefit analysis has been done and (b) funding would be available. Perhaps the councillors could take up a collection at their next meeting. bjg

  5. Going back to the original title of tons topic. YES, disband Clare Co Co. Amalgate Clare, Galway and Tipp. Economies of scale and all that. I’ve been a firm proponent of the theory that we have too many elected officials in this country and could do with many fewer.

  6. What we actually need is power in the hands of unelected officials. I suggest me. bjg

  7. I’d vote for you any day Brian!

  8. Great; you can be one of the Electors (a select group). bjg

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