Crossing the Liffey

Thanks to Paul Quinn for pics of the construction of the new LUAS bridge across the River Liffey in Dublin.


The Powers That Be

Dublin City Council tells us that “Construction on the bridge is due to commence in Autumn 2011”, which is nice to know, although an update would be nicer. Its PDF has a diagram of the bridge. If you can find anything about the bridge on the website of the National Transport Authority (which is paying for it), do please let me know. Incidentally, I hadn’t realised that the NTA’s reach had extended to passengers on ships, including those on inland waterways.

graham projects

The contractors


Drilling contractor

The contractor is Graham Projects Ltd; Quinn Piling were working there a few weeks ago, but seem to have finished their end of things by now; I can’t find a website for Hilliard & Hilltwister Ltd of Listowel, Co Kerry.

from o'connell brg.

Looking east from O’Connell Bridge

from butt bridge looking west

Looking west from Butt Bridge

looking north

Looking north from Burgh Quay

looking north from burgh quay

Looking north to the City of Dublin Steam Packet Company offices

looking south from eden quay

Looking south from Eden Quay

2 responses to “Crossing the Liffey

  1. This is the only Dublin bridge east of Heuston Station I still need to cross… can’t wait! ;-)

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