Myths and legends of the Shannon

I feel it necessary to point out that Thomas Rhodes (1789–1868), engineer to the Shannon Commissioners, whose name is on a plaque on Athlone bridge, was not a brother of Cecil Rhodes. Thomas was born near Bradford, the son of a carpenter called James Rhodes; Cecil was born in Bishop’s Stortford, the son of a clergyperson.

4 responses to “Myths and legends of the Shannon

  1. Thank you for the clarification: I put him down as a relative as the other entries I saw listed him as “John” Rhodes and said he was a cousin. I could not find the family history details. The plaques clearly state his name as Thomas.

  2. There’s a brief biographical note here. I’ve several times heard Athlone folk making the assertion about Thomas and Cecil being brothers, but I don’t know why they believe that. I haven’t tried tracing family relationships any further than that, though. bjg

  3. A link then (in the biography) to the Ulster Canal which features elsewhere on your blog.

  4. Alas, yes. More to come (when I get a moment) on the results of my FOI request. bjg

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