Bell, book and candle …

… shall not drive me back, but something has driven boats from the Bell Harbour in Monasterevan, which I can’t recall seeing so empty: just one cruiser and one WI workboat.

Monasterevan May 2013 03_resize

Cruiser at the Bell Harbour

Monasterevan May 2013 01_resize

WI workboat at the Bell Harbour

Actually, I’m not sure whether it is a WI workboat: I can’t see any logos or other ID on it.

2 responses to “Bell, book and candle …

  1. It is a Waterways Ireland workboat. It spent last week moored in Vicarstown. Some of the regulars from Bell Harbour are currently in Vicarstown.

  2. That’s great; thanks, Derek. Good to hear the Monasterevan fleet is still in being. I had hoped to visit Vicarstown today but ran out of time in Lowtown and Rathangan. bjg

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