Forward, forward let us range …

… Let the great world spin for ever down the ringing grooves of change.

Excitable chap, Tennyson. But there are no ringing grooves in the list of licensed traders in marked fuels along the Shannon.

Nonetheless, the excitement of reading 211 pages of traders’ names and addresses, at four to the page, never palls. I have to read them, alas, as the data entry is so inconsistent that searching could not be relied upon (Mullinger, anyone?). It would be nice if someone cleaned up the data.

The entries are arranged in order of county, or more specifically in alphabetical order by entry in the County field. Thus all the traders in Dublin postal districts come at the end. But the list is headed by two traders who have no entries in the county field. One is Tigh Phlunkett of Leitir Moir; the other is Homefuels Direct Ltd of Stockton on Tees, the only non-Irish licence-holder.

There. Wasn’t that interesting?

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