Ballinlaw ferry

A visitor to my page on the tidal Barrow is a descendant of ferrymen at Ballinlaw on the Barrow. He would like to find a photograph (or, presumably, other illustration) of the ferry boat and I would welcome more information about the service (eg when it ended).

Ballinlaw ferry (OSI ~1840)

Ballinlaw ferry (OSI ~1840)

If anyone knows of a possible source of information or illustration, I will pass it on to the enquirer.

Update January 2019: much information about Ballinlaw Ferry from Andrew Doherty here.

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4 responses to “Ballinlaw ferry

  1. Sliabh Rua A History of its People and Places’ compiled by Jim Walsh.may have a picture or information about the ferry

  2. Thanks, Pat: I’ll pass that on. bjg

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