I do hope that Waterways Ireland finds inspiration in this story from the Grauniad, wherein we learn that the Canal and River Trust, which manages many waterways in England and Wales, is able to charge over £12000 for city-centre moorings.

6 responses to “Liveaboards

  1. I find it amusing that you think £12k a year to live in central London is somehow really expensive. :)

  2. Hear hear, although I notice the underhand behaviour of the Grauniad in comparing council tax levels to mooring charges, neglecting to mention the concept of boat owners having to pay to occupy prime city land. No more than WI should be, the CRT is not a social housing scheme.

  3. I don’t (but note that it is not the whole cost. Note also the misleading comparison between Council Tax and the rental for water space). But it’s far more than Waterways Ireland gets. bjg

  4. Exactly: you beat me to the point I made in reply to David Davis.

    Any difference between the maximum that Waterways Ireland could charge, in market conditions, and what it actually charges is a subsidy by the taxpayer to boatowners.


  5. Liveaboards in Dublin should be facilitated for community, not for money. The money should (mostly) go to keeping the boats looking nice. They should not become yet another elitist activity.

  6. Nonsense. There is no reason for the taxpayer to subsidise liveaboards in their lifestyle choices. Building more local authority flats would be a better use of public money. bjg

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