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Liveaboards and planning permission

The minister speaks.


I do hope that Waterways Ireland finds inspiration in this story from the Grauniad, wherein we learn that the Canal and River Trust, which manages many waterways in England and Wales, is able to charge over £12000 for city-centre moorings.

Jimmy Deenihan, cricketer

Jimmy Deenihan, minister for waterways and some other stuff, supporter of the Lartigue Monorail in Listowel, is known to have played two forms of football: rugby and Gaelic. His cricketing expertise is perhaps less well known but, in a written answer to four Dáil questions yesterday, he showed his mastery of the straight bat.

I was surprised to find Bernard Durkan [FG, Kildare North] referring to “traditional canal boat dwellers”. I suppose it depends on your timescales: in my view, anything that began after 1850 isn’t really traditional.

One for liveaboards

A Polish/German artist is showing an exhibition in Chelsea about an English houseboat community. Indie story here and photos here; if googling for “What the water gave me”, include the artist’s name Dubno to avoid results about a song by a hip beat combo. WI can count its blessings.