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I do hope that Waterways Ireland finds inspiration in this story from the Grauniad, wherein we learn that the Canal and River Trust, which manages many waterways in England and Wales, is able to charge over £12000 for city-centre moorings.

Boater’s handbook

The Canal & River Trust have a useful PDF Boater’s handbook available for download, free of charge, from this page; there is also a video thingie.

The handbook naturally concentrates on British inland waterways, with narrowboats on canals and rivers but not on lakes, but there is nonetheless much useful material. Even experienced boaters might find it of interest, if only for briefing any non-boaty friends they’ve invited along for a trip.



John Martin, Chief Executive (or, as we say in Ulster Scots, Heid Fector) of Waterways Ireland, was due to retire at the end of March 2013. The job has not yet been advertised and Mr Martin has been asked to stay on until his successor has been appointed.

His retirement was not a surprise: for instance, as I reported here, Ministers thanked him at the North-South Ministerial Council meeting on 121212:

Ministers thanked John Martin CEO of Waterways Ireland who is due to retire in  March next year for his contribution to the Body and noted the process for appointing a new CEO.

So why the delay? It is of course possible that headhunters are beating the bushes seeking retired chief executives of waterways bodies who could be persuaded to apply, but I would have thought that a public position should be publicly advertised. I have asked the Department of Arts, Heritage and the Gaeltacht for information.