Pumping algae

Do algae pass through pumps? I don’t know, but I ask because boating, bathing and animals have been banned in Lough Ennell where blue-green algae have been found. Lough Ennell is to supply water to the Royal Canal, although I presume it will take some time before it begins to do so. But perhaps, even if algae made it through the pumps, they would die in the Royal. If you know, Gentle Reader, do please leave a Comment below.

5 responses to “Pumping algae

  1. Excessive algal blooms are usually the result of agricultural depravity

  2. The algae would need continued nutrients to stay alive/reproduce, if they were to survive post pump, they would need additional input of nutrients, I think..

    Regards, Garrett.

  3. Thanks, Garrett and David. So do the nutrients come from fertiliser run-off? bjg

    PS here’s an aspect of nitrate pollution I hadn’t heard of before.

  4. Yes they do, but as is commonly stated, nutrients also come from waste water treatment systems for whatever reason are not functioning correctly. Depends on the geographic area for split of this contribution, Ennell might be more of an agricultural input? Garrett.

  5. I imagine so, although I don’t know for certain. bjg

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