Comments closing

Very large numbers of new readers have visited this site in recent days and have read my posts about the draft WI canals byelaws. I am grateful to them and even more grateful to those who took the trouble to comment.

I have spent pretty well the whole week on this, between reading the legislation and draft byelaws, writing up posts and responding to comments. I have fallen behind with other work, and accordingly I need to turn my attention to other issues.

I have invited one person to write a guest post on an aspect of the byelaws issue that I think is important, but that apart I won’t be adding new material on the subject for some time. Furthermore, later this evening I will close the existing posts to comments. Those posts, latest first, are:

Draft canals byelaws: comments on what I sent to WI as my contribution to the consultation process

Bang em’ up? Alas, no more on the enforcement mechanisms

Pull the plug: drain the canals on WI’s financial situation. I hope it is clear that I don’t really want to see them drained, but that I do think action is needed

Asleep at the wheel on why the production of new draft byelaws should not have come as a surprise.

The posts themselves and the existing comments will remain visible.

I hope that readers have found the discussion and information useful — even those who didn’t agree with my views.

My next substantial post will be on the Dublin & Kingstown Canal.

If you are interested in the mix of contemporary and historical waterways matters, you are welcome to subscribe to the site’s RSS feeds or by email. Note that the site is non-commercial and does not carry advertisements.

2 responses to “Comments closing

  1. BJG

    Having read all the posts and comments contained in the above, I’d like to offer my thanks for all your hard work, time and research on this matter. It’s much appreciated, and of great interest.

    On another matter: I note from a later post – for some reason I wasn’t able to comment on it directly – that you’ve listed the cost of keeping a boat in commercial marina’s in Dublin. The fees you quote give the banded about figure of €2500 for GCD live-aboard moorings some context.

    Particularly so when I recall Dawn Livingstone – with her legal hat on prior to her promotion – telling resident boaters in Sallins on 8th March 2011, that WI would have to be charging fees high enough not to be accused by private operators of undercutting the market. Her reasoning was that a state body is not allowed to do this under European anti-competition law. I believe this was also the reason the live-aboard moorings in Shannon Harbour were set at €1200 plus.

    Doubtless many will argue the level of services offered cannot be compared, but that’s for another day.


  2. Thank you.

    I’ll check the comments thing: I turned it off for some other posts but maybe it’s got stuck ….


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