The Shannon in winter

Waterways Ireland has kindly supplied me with the Shannon traffic figures for January and February 2014. The usual caveats apply. I have not made any charts because the traffic levels were so low:

  • in January, nineteen boats were recorded; of them, ten went through Portumna Bridge. Thirteen boats were private and six hired
  • in February, thirteen boats were recorded, five of them at Portumna; nine were private and four hired.

The total of 32 boats in the two months is extremely low. Since 2003, the Jan–Feb totals have been:

2003   45
2004 112
2005  67
2006  92
2007 127
2008  72
2009 124
2010  72
2011 114
2012  94
2013  97
2014  32

As Waterways Ireland intends to “prioritise navigation opening times to the times of greatest use, in order to achieve maximum use of resources available”, we may expect the Shannon to be closed in winter.


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