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Ireland needs promissory notes

                                                                                        Chamber of Commerce, Limerick
10th March 1826
Right Honble Earl of Limerick
My Lord
By desire of the Directors of the Chamber of Commerce, I have the honour to forward to Your Lordship a petition to the House of Lords from that Body, praying that the proposed measure of prohibiting the issue of promissory notes payable on demand for sums under five pounds may not be extended to Ireland. The Directors request that you will please to present it and give it your support, if your opinion on the subject coincides with theirs.
I have the hon …
John McNamara, President
(A like letter to Mr [Thomas Spring] Rice [MP], with a Petition to the House of

From the Limerick Chamber of Commerce letter book page 89.

Wordling Repeal

On 22 April 1834 Daniel O’Connell, MP for Dublin but a native of Kerry, argued in the House of Commons at Westminster for, IIRC, five hours in favour of the repeal of the Act of Union. Here is what Wordle makes of his speech.

Daniel O’Connell Wordled

On the following day Thomas Spring-Rice, MP for Cambridge but a native of Limerick, responded for six hours. Here is what Wordle made of it.

Thomas Spring-Rice Wordled

Of engineers

He did not mean to deny the fitness of the [Shannon] Commissioners to execute the task which had devolved upon them, but he considered that five engineers of such eminence as those named in the Commission were too many to appoint for such a purpose, and the only result to be looked for would be that some plan of great magnificence and grandeur would be suggested, which the House of Commons would never feel itself authorised to grant money to execute, and then the projected improvement of the river would be altogether dropped and lost sight of.

Lord Clements, House of Commons 17 February 1836