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Deep doo-doo

10000 tons manure

`To be SOLD by AUCTION, at One o’Clock on Monday, 20th July, 1830, at the North Strand Depot, in Lots agreeable to Purchasers. This is well worth the attention of Land-Owners.

NB A reasonable time will be given for the removal of same.

John Littledale, Auctioneer

Dublin Evening Post 6 May 1830

I wonder how they weighed it before offering it for sale.

Newcomen Bridge

Mick Farrell of the HBA has pointed out that, on the Historic 6″ Ordnance Survey map (~1840), the first lock on the Royal Canal is downstream of Newcomen Bridge whereas on the Historic 25″ (~1900) the lock is upstream of the bridge.

Industrial Heritage Ireland has created a page giving the history of the railway crossing at Newcomen Bridge. However, it would be nice to have some documentary evidence about the resiting of the lock — and about the headroom under the bridge before the lock was moved.