Some time ago I noted that Waterways Ireland was now down wid da kidz in da hood, doing groovy things like social meeja with a Youtube thingie. It features (inter alia) a flight in a helicopter gunship along a restored Clones Sheugh. At least, that’s what I presume was going on, although I couldn’t work out how to fire the rockets at the suspiciously large number of narrowboats found along the way. The scenic highlight of the journey was Clones.

There’s also a Facebook page, from which I learned that there is now a skippered boat available for hire on the Barrow. And there is a Twitter whatsit, which does two interesting things.

First, it has summaries of marine notices, which will be useful to those cruising on the waterways without internet access.

Second, it shows signs of WI’s engaging in public dialogue with users, even when their comments might be critical. This is very welcome; it will be interesting to see the extent to which such public dialogue is permitted to develop.


One response to “Dialogue

  1. i would think it is probably out of proportion and nowhere near that width.

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