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Carpenters Road Lock in London

Carpenters Road Lock in 2003

Carpenters Road Lock in 2003

Here is a page about an art (craft?) project happening at Carpenters Road Lock on the Bow Back Rivers in London: the lock has changed quite a bit since I took the photo (above) in 2003.

I should warn you that the link is to a very long web page, but the section headings stay on top so you can move around. However, if you allow Javascript, you’ll find that two places on the page show those very annoying sequences of photographs that change automatically.

What I thought was most interesting was the set of events organised at the lock. Canals of Dublin organises canal walks in, er, Dublin, but what about Waterways Ireland having lockkeepers doing talks and demonstrations?

Here are some links to sites with more information about the Bow Back Rivers in London:

London Canals and associated blog

An extensive Wikipedia article with schematic diagram

A political view from Mick Hartley

London’s Lost Rivers on pre-Olympic scenery (black background makes the text hard to read but the photos are good)

The most informative page I found: a superb piece of work. Well done Richard Thomas, to whose Steamers Historical site I have a permanent link.

h/t celr