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Lough Derg 27 December 2013

Water level

Dromineer 20131227 01_resize

The ramp to the pontoons in Dromineer is now sloping upwards

The water level at Banagher has risen about one metre in the past 35 days.


Dromineer 20131227 02_resize

Dromineer people need to drink more wine

Dromineer 20131227 04_resize

The ghost ship is back


Dromineer 20131227 05_resize

Dromineer sans ivy

Garrykennedy 20131227 02_resize


Garrykennedy 20131227 11_resize

Garrykennedy from a distance


Dromineer 20131227 03_resize

Miranda in Dromineer

Garrykennedy 20131227 04_resize

Garrykennedy 1

Garrykennedy 20131227 05_resize

Fewer boats in WI berths this year, I think

Garrykennedy 20131227 03_resize

Garrykennedy 2