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Boating off piste

Coast Guard rescue between O’Briensbridge and Clonlara.

Lough Ree

Unlike Loughs Derg, Erne and Neagh, Lough Ree does not have a Coast Guard approved declared-resource rescue service, although Athlone Sub Aqua Club, Waveline/Quigley’s and no doubt others have provided help to boats in trouble. Now, it seems, Damien Delaney is hoping to set up a formal, approved service, according to the Wesstmeath Examiner.

Killaloe collision

The Irish Times reports that six people and a dog were rescued from a cruiser after it hit Killaloe Bridge. The cruiser was found to be taking in water. Killaloe Coast Guard report here, with photo of the Emerald Star cruiser being beached at Ballyvalley to stop it from sinking.

Ephemera 6: canal stories

Two recent stories of people in canals in freezing weather. This one had a happy ending; this one didn’t.


Carrickcraft rescue

We were at Dromod when a Carrickcraft hire cruiser went aground outside the harbour in poor weather. I was impressed by how quickly Carrickcraft got a rescue crew to the scene and how efficiently they got the boat off and into safety before a depression of 988 arrived. Here are photos of the rescue.

More workboats

Here is a very long page showing working boats that are not operated by Waterways Ireland. They include hotel boats, restaurant boats, trip boats, rescue boats, police boats and sand barges.