Another tour-Limerick-by-water idea …

… but this one, unlike the rest, might actually make financial sense: it uses existing infrastructure, it probably has a low capital requirement (as the firm presumably already owns the kayaks) and it seems to offer the prospect of extra income, without much extra cost, in the off-season, with low fixed costs. Furthermore, it covers the more scenic parts of the city: the Park Canal is not, alas, one of them when seen from water level, because the banks are so high you can see nothing else.

The Limerick Post covered the venture here.

2 responses to “Another tour-Limerick-by-water idea …

  1. are there any old photos of the locks and lock houses on the errina canal in circulation,or where might they be viewed,Iwould really appreciate any info .regards

  2. Hi, Frank. I’m sure I’ve seen a couple of them, although not many. Here is one from searching for “canal”, which will produce another of the “Killaloe” emerging from a lock. I think I’ve seen another of a lockhouse in a book but I’m not sure which one; if I find it I’ll let you know. bjg

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