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Ardnacrusha tours 2018

Tours of the Ardnacrusha power station are available again this year; info here.

Ardnacrusha tours

From 26 June through 1 September 2017, ESB will be providing guided tours of Ardnacrusha hydroelectric power station. It’s not usually open to the public and, if you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth a visit. Go here to book.

I have some information about the site here, here and here, but you should try to see it for yourself.

Update July 2018: tours available again this year.

Another tour-Limerick-by-water idea …

… but this one, unlike the rest, might actually make financial sense: it uses existing infrastructure, it probably has a low capital requirement (as the firm presumably already owns the kayaks) and it seems to offer the prospect of extra income, without much extra cost, in the off-season, with low fixed costs. Furthermore, it covers the more scenic parts of the city: the Park Canal is not, alas, one of them when seen from water level, because the banks are so high you can see nothing else.

The Limerick Post covered the venture here.