Goodbye Naomh Éanna?

See Fergal.b’s post today on Scrapping sounds like a good idea to me, but it would be nice (if it hasn’t already been done) to take as many photos as possible of the vessel.

6 responses to “Goodbye Naomh Éanna?

  1. Typical Ireland, scrap anything that doesn’t fit in with our diddly-diddle music and Gaah image of ourselves. No sense of our industral heritage.

  2. I agree that industrial heritage or history is insufficiently appreciated, but I don’t agree with spending large amounts keeping something of limited value. In this case the historic or heritage value of keeping it is low, the practical usefulness non-existent and the cost high. bjg

  3. Go and have a look at what other maritime musuems have done around the world, preserving workboats/puffers/lightships, they might be of as much use as a chocolate kettle to you, but with a bit of imagination (which is sorely lacking in this dump) they can be turned into an attraction.

  4. Look at the return (financial or other) on capital first. And the number of failed projects. It might be worth trying if there were anything particularly interesting about the Naomh Éanna, but there isn’t. bjg

  5. There is a lot of passion and emotion but no money. It’s a pity, but she seems too far gone, she’s not that old, nor that unique given we have Cill Airne restored to sustainable use. It is better to restore prime examples if they can be put to financialy sustainable reuse. Old rusting hulk eye sores should not be left waiting in the middle of a residential amenity area. If somebody can find the money, fair and well, otherwise scape is the only alternative.

  6. Yes … there have been too many failed conversion and restoration schemes, both here and elsewhere, and at best they just prolong the agony. After all, we have had X years of the Naomh Éanna’s extended life. bjg

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