Two Limerick footbridges

The Black Bridge at Plassey has long had a place in the hearts of Limerick people. It was damaged in the floods of 2009 and has been closed to the public ever since. Limerick Council says it can’t afford to repair it. Limerick Council is, as far as I can see, in breach of the terms of its lease of the bridge from the Department of Finance; the Department of Finance could, but has chosen not to, insist that the Council repair the bridge.

In the meantime, the Minister for Finance, for reasons best known to himself, wants a new, er, iconic footbridge in Limerick city and is prepared to spend €6 million of taxpayers’ money, via Fáilte Ireland, on a structure that can scarcely avoid blocking some of the finest views in the city.

Now, the Limerick Leader tells us, the ghastly edifice is to cost almost €18 million: €6 million from the Minister for Finance (who represents Limerick), €4 million to be borrowed and €7.8 million from the leprechauns’ pot of gold under the thorn bush. Or somewhere. Even Fianna Fáil councillors think this is insane, which is saying something.

This ridiculous proposal should be abandoned immediately and a much smaller sum should be spent instead on repairing the Black Bridge as part of a European Route of Industrial Heritage.

The Minister’s €6 million is a gift-horse that should not only have its teeth inspected: it should be taken out and shot and its carcass sent to the burger factory.

7 responses to “Two Limerick footbridges

  1. This afternoon I sent a further e mail to Minister Noonan’s office , I had sent one on the 17/12/ 2014 I asked if the Minister is looking into the repair of the Black Bridge.He replied that the University of Limerick and Limerick City and County Councils were looking into funding options available in order to progress the works. My e mail in reply to that was …. that there did not seem to be any consideration for the urgency of the repair and that another winter would only do more damage and cost more to repair.
    Am awaiting a replly

  2. I wonder where the university comes into this: it has no responsibility for the bridge. bjg

  3. frank o'brien 0858554447

    i agree with bjg UL have nothing got to do with this historic it not time to enquire from the clare co council as to their input on the matter.they have the same responsibility as limerick city and county and inland waterways.WE only want the bridge to be repaired not rebuilt. IF THERE IS A WILL THERE IS AWAY.keep up the good work

  4. Hi Frank , you are quiet right , we need to push this along , I am away from Friday till Wednesday next 21st, If I do not hear from Minister Noonan by then maybe we ( the three ) should get together and sort something out.

  5. OK: let us know when you get back. bjg

  6. Will do.

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