Shannon flooding

First, a caveat. The links below are to a site called Brinkwire, about which I have found little independent information. I cannot say that the site is safe to visit or that its information is reliable.

The site itself says that it is

… a news hub for blogs, online communities, content affiliates, publishers and members of the connected internet who are interested in commercial news.

Brinkwire charges PR agencies, marketing agencies and in-house communication teams to upload their news to our hub.

The story about the Shannon is here. It says (inter alia)

The plight of a suckler farmer on the banks of the River Shannon in Co Offaly encapsulates the many challenges facing small Irish farmers today.

Paddy Towey (63), who has been farming in Shannon Harbour for over 10 years, had tears in his eyes as he expressed his belief that this season may well be his last.


He was pleased to hear that work was planned to remove the top portion of Meelick Weir, but he said the measure has come too late for him.

Mr Towey has been affected by floods.

The story is said to be “BY BRINKWIRE ON “; it is not clear what PR agency, marketing agency or in-house communication team might have placed it there.


6 responses to “Shannon flooding

  1. I would love to know what land he has trouble with. Floods have come up to the pub door since the pub was built. I spent my early childhood on St Brigid there. My brother sailed an ice-yacht there, sailing through the gateways and sags in the barbed wire fences !

  2. 63 years old and 10 years farming along the Shannom and he never realsed it flooded?

  3. My comment was not, in any way, critical of IWAI, nor do I want any members of IWAI to find out the details for me. It was mostly a comment indicating that it is quite likely that the landowner didn’t do his groundwork before buying, as many house owners along the Shannon didn’t, prior to buying houses on floodplains.

  4. I don’t know where IWAI comes into it: this website has nothing to do with IWAI. bjg

  5. Ahh. My mistake. :-/

  6. Mr. Towey inherited the property from his aunt .
    Mr. Towey’s aunt was the widow of my late brother Michael Egan.
    This property was my family home place.
    James and Sarah Egan lived there with their children– Michael, John, Marie, Teresa. ( I am Teresa.)
    My late beloved Mother was The Postmistress in Shannon Harbour for many years. I do hope that there are still people who remember this late amazing lady.
    May my late family all Rest in Peace.

    I believe Mr.Towey should stop complaining.

    Madeline Teresa Egan

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