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Éamon Ó Cuív …

… is a loon.

Perhaps he’s basing his economic views on those of his grandfather George, who did his best to drag Ireland back from the nineteenth to the eighteenth century (although he was living — for certain values of “living” — in the twentieth).

What is it about Irish republicans and canals?

Old sod

I have long maintained that the histories of Irish waterways and of Irish bogs are inseparable. Here is an interesting piece from the invaluable Kildare Online Electronic History Journal [o si sic omnes] about turf-cutting competitions at Allenwood in 1934. A lanky old sod was present, but so too were relics of old dacency [and see here for the origin of the phrase with interesting links between hats and sashes], perhaps anxious to accommodate themselves to the new regime. [Major de Courcy Wheeler, whose command of the First Official Language was undoubtedly enviable, is mentioned here.]

Waterways, industrial heritage, economic history, social and political history … they are not to be separated.



The National Museum

Why at least three quarters of its items should be dumped.