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No blue guitar

The man bent over his guitar,
A shearsman of sorts. The day was green.

They said ‘You have a blue guitar,
You do not play things as they are.’
The man replied ‘Things as they are
Are changed upon the blue guitar.’

Wallace Stevens The Man with the Blue Guitar [1937]

The guitarist has not been active on the Shannon, where there has been no change in the list of holders of marked fuel trader’s licences [.xls].

The fuel on the hill …

… may be plentiful but, according to today’s file, it seems there are still only seven licensed traders in marked fuel on the Shannon.

Stands the church clock at ten to three?

No, but the number of licensed sellers of green diesel along the Shannon stands at seven.

Buying diesel

The Revenue Commissioners’ latest list of holders of marked fuel trader’s licences doesn’t seem to have any new names on it. So, as far as I can see, there are no licensed sellers on the Grand Canal, the Royal Canal, the Barrow, the Shannon–Erne Waterway or that part of the Erne in the republic. There are seven licensed sellers on the Shannon, with none north of Carrick-on-Shannon or south of Portumna. The seven licensed sellers are (north to south):

  • CarrickCraft, Carrick-on-Shannon
  • Emerald Star, Carrick-on-Shannon
  • Rooskey Craft & Tackle, Rooskey Quay
  • Hanley’s Marina, Ballyleague (opposite Lanesborough)
  • Quigley’s Marina, Killinure, Lough Ree
  • CarrickCraft, Banagher
  • Emerald Star, Portumna.

If I’ve left anybody out, please let me know and I’ll correct my error.

Note that the requirement for a licence includes anyone delivering green diesel, or keeping it for delivery, so that purporting not to charge for the diesel makes no difference.

Quoth the raving …

… never! More? No, not if you mean Shannon-based fuel suppliers: I can’t find any more on the latest list.

No new thing …

… has arisen: Friday’s list of holders of marked fuel traders’ licences did not, as far as I could see, include any new Shannon-based suppliers. Oh well; there should be more news tomorrow.

Shannon Leisure Development Co Ltd

No, me neither, but it seems to mean CarrickCraft, which now has Marked Fuel Trader’s Licences for its bases at Banagher and Carrick-on-Shannon, thus swelling the host of the elect.

Across the wires the electric message came …

… “He is no better, he is much the same”, as the late poet laureate so well put it. Fuel supply on the Shannon is perhaps of less significance than the illness of one so elevated as a Prince of Wales (despite the Athlone connection), but “much the same” describes the list of holders of marked fuel [green diesel] traders’ licences: I see no change on the latest list.

All this excitement …

… can’t be good for me.

Last week Their Excellencies the Revenue Commissioners published two versions of their list of holders of marked fuel trader’s licences, the second [.xls] dated St Valentine’s Day. I was so excited I almost spilt my Ovaltine.

And what’s more, there are now two more candidates for haloes and wings. Step forward Emerald Star Portumna and Carrick-on-Shannon, becoming the fourth and fifth members of the Elect and lengthening the stretch of the Shannon where green diesel can legally be sold. No sign of anyone in Belturbet, though, and I can think of a couple of other places on the Shannon where it would be nice to be able to buy diesel, but we don’t want too much excitement all at once.

Alas, no more!

I can find no additions to the list of Shannon-based holders of licences to sell marked fuel. Could it be that there is some delay in processing the applications of, for instance, some hire firms and marinas? As it stands, only three sellers are listed as being licensed, at Killinure, Lanesborough and Rooskey; the rest of the Shannon has no licensed traders.