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Liveaboards and planning permission

The minister speaks.

One for liveaboards

A Polish/German artist is showing an exhibition in Chelsea about an English houseboat community. Indie story here and photos here; if googling for “What the water gave me”, include the artist’s name Dubno to avoid results about a song by a hip beat combo. WI can count its blessings.


On 8 August 2012 Waterways Ireland applied to Kildare County Council for planning permission for a development at Sallins:

The construction of a new 210m fixed timber house boat mooring facility for 12 boats with electric and water service supply bollards, 45m of a fixed timber short term mooring facility, car parking bays for 12 cars, access pathway suitable for disabled access, and a sewage pumpout for boats.

The application is at pre-validation stage. Submissions are to be made by 11 September and the “due date” is 2 October 2012. The file number is 12645. I can find no additional documents or details.

To see the application, go to this page and install the download before clicking on “Link to Full Planning Enquiry System”. Cookies will have to be enabled.

IRBOA doesn’t seem to have the news on its site yet, but it is interesting to compare the current proposal with what was discussed at the IRBOA meeting in Sallins on 8 March [2011, I think].

More on WI’s non-houseboat policy

A year ago, in March 2011, I wrote about Waterways Ireland’s attempt to reorganise the liveaboard boats on the Grand Canal at Sallins. That attempt ultimately failed, and WI’s provision of houseboat moorings at Shannon Harbour was likewise unsuccessful: usually reliable sources tell me that two spaces have been allocated, but to non-residential boats.

Amongst the concentrations of boats parked on the Grand Canal (most of them disregarding the five-day rule), the proportions of residential boats are [I think: I know of no reliable statistics] higher at Hazelhatch and Sallins, both at the eastern end, rather lower at Lowtown and lowest at Tullamore and Shannon Harbour.

It seems that WI’s focus has shifted away from the residential boats, which it tried to tackle last year, to the non-residential boats: it has recently issued Marine Notices warning that the five-day rule will be enforced at hard-edged [ie the best] moorings on Tullamore’s “spur line” and between the 35th Lock and Griffith Bridge at Shannon Harbour. However, no notices have so far been issued about Lowtown, Sallins or Hazelhatch.

I think WI is right to separate the residential issue from the parking, but it will be interesting to see what is planned for the eastern end of the canal.

Incidentally, all of this smacks of Kremlinology, trying to deduce policy positions from minor clues, and is necessarily speculative. It would be really nice if WI published policy proposals on its website, invited comments and then formally promulgated the final policies.


WI and residential boaters

Here is an opinion piece about Waterways Ireland’s letter to the residential boaters (live-aboards) at Sallins on the Grand Canal.